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"I'm singin' the dizzy blues, but they won't get me down. 'Cause I'm already the dizziest broad in town!"
Over the past 2 1/2 years I've learned a lot about vestibular disorders, more than I'd known by living my whole life with a mother who has Meniere's. (Yup, that's her, and yes, I know we look alike:)

As children we knew that Mom had occasional dizzy spells. But you didn't talk about unhappy things in my house, so Mom retreated to her room to hide her ailment and the rest of us went on with our lives.

Later on I realized that my Mom was suffering, but it's only been since working at VEDA that I've truly come to understand the physical, mental and emotional toll a vestibular disorder can have on a person. This understanding gives me so much more compassion for my mother and all the other vestibular patients out there who are suffering, and who may be misunderstood by their friends, family and co-workers.

I'm so proud of the work VEDA is doing to increase awareness about vestibular disorders and to support vestibular patients through their journey. I believe that we can help to reduce the time it takes to diagnose a vestibular patient through our advocacy efforts. And I believe that we can reach millions of people who are suffering from dizziness and don't even know that there is a word for what they are going through, and resources to help them.

Please support my personal campaign to defeat dizziness. With your help we can make a difference!

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