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Hi my name is David and I have just recently acquired a vestibular disorder. One of my goals is to raise awareness of this disorder through the continued education and advocacy of what some call an "Invisible Illness."
Thank you for taking the time to look at my personnel campaign page. Although my disorder is somewhat new to me, I have taken time to learn and hear about all of the personnel stories of daily struggles that someone with these types of disorders happens on a daily basis. My personnel story is slightly different than most other vestibular stories. First you may be wondering what can he be talking about, what is a vestibular disorder? If you haven't heard much about them don't feel bad neither had I until one day my life was changed forever. The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that process the sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. If any of these areas are compromised then you will get a spinning or rocking feeling, almost like the earth is spinning under your feet. It is very hard to walk, you may feel nauseous, it's hard to focus on any one thing, you may get confused. There are much more symptoms and a variety of different disorders, I would encourage everyone to get educated on the different symptoms and disorder types. My personnel story is a little bit different that most vestibular stories. Most cases involve some type of problem with the inner ear, most of you have heard of vertigo, this and many other problems can occur and make ones balance compromised. My story starts about 1 year ago I suffered a stroke in the left brainstem portion of my brain, due to a blood clot it shut off blood flow to that section of my brain. It took a lot of rehab, family help, community help, friends help, persistence and determination. I am now 1 year post stroke, I must say compared to some stroke survivors I a very lucky. My stroke didn't take away my ability to walk, talk or reasonably able to use my brain. Because of the location of the stroke, it has from what doctors tell me now knocked out part of my vestibular system, and at this point are not sure if it will ever come back completely. So my condition is I have dizziness and balance problems at all times. This makes it difficult to drive, because I don't feel I am a safe driver because I can get dizzy at any times. I am being treated with some medications that help relieve some of the symptoms but I am still off balance most of the day. After my stroke I was initially very angry as to why the timing of my stroke and why me. Then I realized if I put all my energy into helping others that have similar problems as myself or better yet more research into preventions of these disorders I could maybe turn this negative into a positive. Vestibular Disorders Association or VEDA for short, has been instrumental in helping me better understand my disorder. So in turn I am also am paying forward, I have just recently started a support group for vestibular patients and their caregivers in my local area. I am also proud to announce that I just recently accepted a volunteer position with VEDA. I am the inaugural Board Chairperson of the recently formed VEDA Ambassador Board, a grassroots campaign to help create awareness of vestibular disorder locally as well as nationally. Please check out my video for prospective VEDA Ambassadors. This video is in Dropbox format, if you don't have Dropbox it's easily downloaded in PC or app form for free. VEDA has given me a lot, and now I am asking my friends , family, support group friends, social media friends to help me give a little back to group that has changed my life! Please give what you can, any amount will help me reach my goal, thank you in advance for your overwhelming support of me and VEDA!

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