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VEDA is a small organization that makes a big difference for millions of people suffering from vestibular disorders
The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) is the sole organization focused on the full range of vestibular disorders and vestibular patient needs. VEDA‘s primary objective is to decrease the time it takes for a vestibular patient to receive a diagnosis -- now normally 3 to 5 years -- and increase the effectiveness of treatments.

An impressive list of key programs have been launched in the past few years to address aspects of the diagnosis and treatment problem.

VEDA is currently developing baseline data on the patient experience with diagnosis and treatment. Next year VEDA will publish the first medical research study of vestibular patient diagnosis times and treatment experience. With this information, VEDA has a clear case to present to medical schools, medical associations, insurers and others.

VEDA offers a range of programs to assist vestibular patients obtain a correct diagnosis and cope with the challenges of treatment and living with a vestibular disorder. These programs include patient support groups in many US cities, an online member forum to allow members to exchange ideas, a medical provider directory to assist in locating a vestibular specialist and many useful tools such as symptom logs and tips for medical appointments. All of these programs add to the accurate, timely information on the website on all aspects of vestibular disorders.

Recently VEDA placed a priority on programs for the medical community – where diagnosis times are impacted more directly. VEDA is developing protocols for “referring” physicians (GP’s and family practice doctors) to diagnose vestibular disorders and refer to a vestibular specialist. VEDA is working closely with medical innovators working on artificial intelligence aids to diagnosis and overall improvements to the science of medical diagnosis. For the first time, VEDA will recognize a Champion of Vestibular Medicine during Balance Awareness Week.

There are many signals that VEDA is on the right track. Visits to the VEDA website have tripled – now over 2 million a year – and Facebook followers have demonstrated similar growth with 8,000 followers. People are volunteering to help with all aspects of VEDA’s mission. This past year VEDA has developed a special focus on military personnel who were exposed to anti-malaria drugs that are toxic to their vestibular system. With VEDA’s backing, a Board member successfully advocated for FDA action on the drug.

With the ability to make a few strategic hires and/or increased budget flexibility for research or networking with referring physicians, for example, VEDA will be able to share the lessons of the research with a wider audience. And sooner than expected, VEDA will show progress in reducing diagnosis times.

Thank you very much for considering a donation to this worthwhile effort which will improve the lives of many of the more than 10 million people in the US alone who are afflicted with a chronic vestibular issue ... not to mention near and dear to me personally.

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