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Dear friends, family and colleagues, it's that time of year again! I hope you'll consider helping me raise funds to support the Vestibular Disorders Association and all the great work they do to educate, support and advocate for those with dizziness and balance problems.

A healthy vestibular/inner ear balance system is something we all take for granted and are unaware of until something goes wrong with it, and then it wreaks havoc!

Through a stroke of good fortune, about 20 years ago I stumbled upon Vestibular Rehabilitation, a little known specialty area of Physiotherapy. Helping this unfortunate but fascinating group of patients quickly became the focus and passion of both my career and my volunteer efforts.

Despite highly effective treatment being available for the vast majority of vestibular patients, sadly many are misdirected medically and end up with an unnecessarily long and frustrating journey toward correct diagnosis and help. The Vestibular Disorders Association, VEDA, is a non-profit organization that works very hard to shorten this journey for people, and I serve as the president of the board of directors. We've made great strides in educating the public, medical and insurance industries about vestibular disorders and their management; connecting those affected with medical professionals who can help them; and supporting those professionals ... but we still have lots of work to do, and your donation to our annual Balance Awareness Week fundraiser will help!

If someone you care for experiences vestibular dizziness and balance issues please visit VEDA's website ( to learn more, and let me know so that I can connect them with one of my team of LifeMark/Centric Health Vestibular Therapists across Canada for help. And I hope that the only dizziness and unsteadiness you experience is after one too many drinks on some fabulous patio in the hot sun!

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