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Hey -- it's me Kenlen. This is my Balance Awareness Week campaign page for the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA). I am supporting their Balance Awareness Week fundraising effort that happens in September. Without VEDA, the hope for a better tomorrow would have been lost for me. VEDA provided resources and support for me to believe in hope and getting better one day at a time.

My passion is go-kart racing!!! I started when I was 10 and right before my 16th birthday I started experiencing dizziness issues along with other symptoms (memory loss, concentration problems and neck pain to name a few). I turned 16, got my driver's license and instead of being independent my life took a turn.

The dizziness got worse, I started having vision problems and other symptoms crept in. Numerous doctors and numerous procedures resulted in "You look okay; your tests are negative." Finally in October, 2013 I went to see a Physical Therapist (Mr. Chapman of SRI Physical Therapy; or Patrick as I like to call him; some days when I feel really good it is Pattee but don't tell him). He diagnosed my condition as peripheral vertigo and concussion. This led me to VEDA.

VEDA provided information on my condition and that it was real and could be managed. I did not realize how many doctors do not have training in vestibular issues.

I have one more year of school and am looking forward to graduation. The administrators in our district have limited training in vestibular issues and are trying to help me but sometimes I feel like they think I am making up the dizziness and headaches.

My goal is to help VEDA raise money so they can educate the people responsible for education. If VEDA has the resources to train our educators, students will be more successful and less symptomatic while in school.

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