Participant Page: VP, VEDA Board of Directors, #Defeat Dizziness

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VP, VEDA Board of Directors, #Defeat Dizziness
My Story
Thank you for your support of VEDA's Balance Awareness Week 2014! Your donation is bringing us closer and closer to our strategic goal of earlier diagnosis and treatment for millions of people.
Having suffered from a vestibular disorder for 25 years, I am committed to advocating for fellow sufferers and bringing awareness to these disabling disorders.

There is hope!

Recently, I was able to go on a boat and enjoy an afternoon on the water by taking everything I've learned through the years about my disorder with VEDA's help and put it in to action! NEVER QUIT!!

This Page is 11st out of the 48 fundraisers taking part in event.
Arthur & Norrine Geib has donated $ 50.00
Debbie has donated $ 50.00
Dana has donated $ 25.00
Bobbie Jo has donated $ 30.00
Louise Geib has donated $ 250.00
Jeni Stephens has donated $ 25.00

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