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My Wish: Balance For All
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Thanks for taking time to find out more about the Vestibular Disorder Association (VEDA). VEDA has been a vital resource for me and many people I know. As part of Balance Awareness Week (September 15 - 21, 2014), I’m hoping you can make a donation to support VEDA and the work they do. Every dollar counts!

I have Meniere's disease. Meniere's disease is a vestibular disorder. I was diagnosed 17 years ago. I consider myself lucky. I was lucky to see a doctor who was able to make a proper diagnosis and recommend treatment that has worked.

But, there are many others out there who aren't as lucky. Some are living with an undiagnosed vestibular disorder. Imagine living with extreme vertigo, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, hearing is debilitating.

We need to raise awareness of vestibular disorders. No one should have to suffer from these debilitating symptoms. Everyone deserves balance.

VEDA, the Vestibular Disorders Association, is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide information and support to people suffering from inner-ear balance disorders. They are helping us all with vestibular disorders find balance.

Thank you for your support. Every dollar counts!


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