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Mary Ziegler's Meniere’s Marauders
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It is time for us all to let Mary know that we are educating ourselves about the experiences she has had to endure over the years with Menieres.

Our wonderful mother, sister, cousin, and friend - Mary Brennan Ziegler - lives with Meniere's every day. She has chosen to live with gratitude and love. She teaches us all about this disease and we want to promote this organization that has helped Mary and others live with vestibular disorders.

Mary is front and center for this year's Balance Awareness Week. She volunteered her time and shared her personal story which is part of two videos that are featured for this year's campaign. The Vestibular Disorders Association will be using these films to raise awareness, provide hope for those affected and to educate people.

You can see both films by visiting VEDA's website.

Let's salute her by supporting Balance Awareness Week!

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