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Jennifer Baumgartner, VEDA Ambassador-Let's Stop the Merry-go-round
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September 15-21, 2014 is Balance Awareness Week. Please help me raise awareness about Vestibular Disorders.

Most people know what it is like to be dizzy. For many, this is a fleeting experience that lasts only moments, but for some, it can last years or a lifetime. Since my journey with vestibular disorders began I've learned there are so many different kinds of dizziness! Some days I would describe it as my head feeling like it is a merry-go-round while body feels like it just got off a boat.

Through this journey VEDA has been THE reource for me. I go to it time and time again for support and information. My greatest dream is that we can work together to reduce the time it takes to diagnose vestibular disorders. Currently it takes between 3-5 years to be diagnosed and get treatment. Some of my dizzy friends have seen 7-14 doctors during that time trying to find someone that can help them. It is very difficult to visit doctor after doctor, navigate the medical system and various specialities while you are sick and dizzy. VEDA is working on protocols to help referring physicians to diagnose vestibular disorders and to refer the patients to specialists. Your tax-deductible gift will allow VEDA to continue this and other great projects. Please consider giving today.

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