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My Dream - "Vestibular" is a Widely Recognized Word!
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VEDA helps over a million visitors who come to its website each year, but much more work lies ahead to make "vestibular" a household word. Please help VEDA in its advocacy efforts to spread the word about vestibular disorders. Consider a donation as part of the Balance Awareness Week Campaign!
One of the things that made coping with my vestibular disorder most difficult was the fact that people didn't understand what kind of illness I "had" because my condition has such an odd-sounding term, "vestibular" disorder.

The fact that my friends, family, or co-workers couldn't pronounce the term, nevermind understand it, kept them from being able to easily grasp what I was dealing with as I navigated the unending waves of dizziness that engulfed me every day, all day, for about 8 years.

VEDA became my lifeline and helped me cope with my symptoms. It also directed me to resources that I believe aided in my recovery, such as vestibular physical therapy.

VEDA impacts so many lives for the better. But the organization still has a tall task of raising much greater awareness about vestibular disorders so that we can help patients with dizziness who remain undiagnosed.

With 40% of people over age 40 experiencing a vestibular disorder in their lifetime, the word "vestibular" ought to be a household word. Everyone should know about this important inner-ear balance system!

Please join me in supporting VEDA during the 2014 Balance Awareness Week Campaign.

With appreciation, Claire Haddad

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