Flat Flamingo Photo Contest

congratulations flat flamigo winners!

First Place

FYZICAL - North Andover

flat flamingo_1

Second Place

Body In Balance

Third Place

Mrs. Reynolds

flat flamingo

Fourth Place

Deb Miller

Fifth Place

Sheldon Sugar

Take "Flat Flamingo" with you... work, school, the park, a concert, hiking, biking, or just sitting in a coffee shop. Have a party and get all your friends together to flaunt your Flat Flamingo!

Take a picture and post it publicly on VeDA's Facebook*, or your Twitter or Instagram pages with the hashtag #flatflamingo17 - with a message about why raising awareness for vestibular disorders is important to you (sample messages below). You can also enter your photo on Woobox. You can also enter your photo directly on Woobox.

Then, tell your friends to vote for your photo on WooBox - FIVE winners will each win a KEEN backpack (value: $80).

How to win:

balance awareness week flat flamingoShare your photo publicly to Facebook*, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #flatflamingo17, and get everyone you know to vote for your photo. The five (5) people with the most votes win!

To Vote:

Go to (you will be redirected to the voting site at WooBox).

Have fun with it!

Here are some ideas for a winning photo:

  • Cut out the Flat Flamingo on this sheet and take a selfie with it – try a flamingo pose or pink accessories! (See also "Pirate Flamingo")
  • Take a group photo! The more, the merrier. Bonus points if everyone in the photo has their own Flat Flamingo!
  • Head to the zoo and take pictures of real-life flamingos!
  • Got any of those plastic lawn flamingos? PERFECT opportunity.
  • Your imagination is the limit!

Remember, for your entry to be valid, you must share your photo:

  1. To Facebook*, Twitter, and/or Instagram

  2. With #flatflamingo17

  3. Your post must be public

How to get your Flat Flamingo: 

  • Create a Personal Campaign Page
  • Email us at [email protected]. Include your full name and mailing address. 
  • Print your own! Download a PDF.
  • Find a local flamingo! Perhaps the local zoo has a flamingo flamoyance, or your neighbors have a plastic one on their lawn. Stage your photo on location. 

Sample messages:


  • As many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction and I am one of them. Vestibular disorders result when disease or injury affects those parts of the inner ear and brain that control balance and spatial orientation. Vote for my #flatflamingo17 at, then visit @vestibulardisorders to learn more.
  • Vote for my #flatflamingo17 at! I have a vestibular disorder that has dramatically affected my life. I learned to cope with the help of the VeDA. Many people go months or years without getting help. I want to make sure no one suffers alone by helping @vestibulardisorders raise awareness!
  • Dizziness+imbalance+vertigo=vestibular disorder. Vote for my #flatflamingo17 at Learn more from @vestibularveda 
  • Vertigo, dizziness & imbalance are debilitating. Vote for my #flatflamingo17 at Learn more from @vestibularveda 

*Facebook entrants:

*Facebook entries MUST be posted directly to VeDA's Page, not your personal page. You can "Share" your post from VeDA's page to your followers to get them to vote for you. 

Talk Like a Pirate

September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate" day - download your pirate themed flamingo here!




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