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Need help please… I am a 48 year old female with severe lymphedema and compromised immune system.  Had my first Moderna vaccine on April 22nd.  No real side effects.  The day I should have started my next cycle - which I never did - (May 17th), I had my first major panic attack.  Had my second vaccine on May 20th.  Panic attacks and severe anxiety continued for the next two and half weeks.  Literally crying in the fetal position.  Dr. tried Xanax, Klonopin, Lexapro, etc… Finally, a combo of Wellbutrin and Seroquel worked and things got better. Next cycle should have been June 14th - nothing.  On June 18th (28 days after first one), panic attacks resumed in force and as of tonight (July 3rd), I’m still having them - mostly at night.  I was having NO mental or psychological issues before the vaccine and no signs of menopause.  I was not worried about getting the shot or anxious in any way.  Is anybody else having these issues? Did they last? Did anything help? How long did it last? I’ll take any and all suggestions or info! Thank you in advance!!! 

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Stewart1473 - I'm so sorry you've had such a miserable time since the vaccine. I haven't heard of it affecting the menstrual cycle and mental health, but anything is possible with such a new vaccine. Make sure you keep the doctor updated on these side effects since they report all known side effects. Or you can report it. I'm hoping you feel more yourself soon. Meanwhile, do what you can to relax and pamper yourself. Your body is in a high alert state and needs to be calmed. Keep us informed. 

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Hello, I’m sorry 😞 you are going through this. I experienced the same side effects. After the second dose it took me 2 months to feel back to normal. Don’t drink coffee and lots of water, I agree with the previous comment.. you body is in high alert.