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Phizer vaccine symptoms

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On April 1st I got my first COVID Phizer vaccine. I’m 71 female, no illnesses in good health, take no meds. 3 weeks after the vaccine my left leg goes numb and I can’t walk. Scary!  Thought I was having a stroke. Lasted 10 minutes and went away.  Nothing more until last week of May and got 2 more similar episodes each lasting 10-15 minutes then feeling comes back to leg. Also before numbness I get light headed first then know it’s coming. May 31 I get it again outside on patio and can’t stand up and fall down now I’m feeling some numbness in my left arm. So my husband takes me to hospital. They do a cat scan and find nothing. Bloodwork good. EKG good. Blood pressure good. Doctor tells me I’m have mini strokes. I ask if vaccine caused this and he says no. It’s common in my age group.  Sent me referral to a stroke prevention clinic. Still waiting on getting an appt to go and find out what is causing this. I have now had 7 episodes all the same. I also feel Like my head is full or heavy and I have a headache in the front of my head. Anyone else experiencing similar symptoms after receiving vaccine? I’m suppose to get my second dose next Saturday and I’m afraid to do that now.