Vertigo SUCKS!

Living this nightmare for the last nine years has changed me. EVERY aspect of my life has been altered by disruptive daily symptoms.
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Tony From VEDA
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Thank you so much for doing this fundraiser. Great job raising over $600 selling t-shirts!
Teespring, LLC
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Buy a t-shirt and help raise awareness!
Teespring, LLC
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Buy a t-shirt and help raise awareness!
Teespring, LLC
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Buy a t-shirt and help raise awareness!
Teespring, LLC
$ 356.54
Buy a t-shirt and help raise awareness!

VEDA entered my life at a low point. It provided me with information that enabled me to rebuild a solid informational foundation. I felt more confident communicating with doctors and specialists. This newfound confidence allowed me to determine which medical professionals were qualified to look after my well being and would help elevate my quality of life.

I'm forever grateful to VEDA for catching my back, and I want to make sure they're around to support the next sufferer.

They say awareness is the catalyst for change, and I'm hoping you're willing to be a change agent!

100% of funds will go to an organization known as VEDA. Vestibular Disorders Association is a nonprofit that spreads vestibular awareness.

Rocking an awareness t-shirt means we all get to stand in solidarity with those suffering in silence… PLUS you're getting a cool looking t-shirt!

You can find two t-shirts offered in the Balance Awareness storefront. You will find mens, women's and youth sizes…

Click here to get your own balance awareness t-shirt

Much Love,
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