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I am a homeopath in Dallas, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, since 1995. I have been through two major episodes of mixed vestibular disorder - vestibular neuronitis, vestibular migraine and PPPD (diagnosed). As it was preceded by months of "whooshing", pulsatile tinnitus and actual pulsations, I figured that I had a high riding jugular bulb. All Drs and ENT told me "It's extremely rare, don't look things up in Google". Scan proved me correct. In any case, I persisted with trying to figure my remedy in homeopathy, and I eventually succeeded. I had a big result in a week or two, and stopped the remedy. There is no one remedy in homeopathy for all. There are maybe 700 remedies listed for "vertigo", and there may be many more in the 10,000 or so we now have in use.

10 years later, I had another episode, again brought on by constantly being disturbed at the point of falling asleep. I developed severe vestibular neuronitis even before I was nursing my late mother around the clock. When she passed, the symptoms persisted. Hyperacusis, pulsatile tinnitus, PPPD, vestibular migraine, dizziness from bright lights, dry eyes, difficulty walking in open spaces without side visual references etc. I felt like I was having MS with this last problem. I couldn't feel my feet on the pedals when driving, so I had to stop. I bought a walking stick because I couldn't turn my head back and forth to cross a road without losing balance and feeling giddy, and I had to TELL my feet to keep walking. Scary! I had to use a shopping trolley as a walker to get from the car into the supermarket, and wear sunglasses. I had to find a new remedy in homeopathy because the one which got me out of the first episode was not the whole answer this time. So, I kept looking (not easy when I felt I was going blind with VM - light sensitivity, greying out when I tried to read) and chose a very little known homeopathic. I very soon reverted to my old contact lenses prescription - one eye for distance and one for reading. Even dropped the reading eye Rx further than before. This was a great way of knowing that I was well on the way to recovery. I continue reading (thanks to VEDA for being such a great resource!) researching, continued professional education in relevant subjects, and writing my thoughts about how to apply my knowledge and experience as a homeopath as well as "being the guinea pig" with various homeopathic remedies. I now focus on those with similar issues in my homeopathy practice. I consult online via Zoom, so distance is not a problem. If you have any questions about the homeopathic consultation or remedies, or would like a short introductory chat, please ask via my Facebook page (link above) or email me - details on my website.

How can Homeopathy help?

The best chance for a great result with homeopathy, is when you have symptoms and signs which are unique to YOU. All of those weird and not so wonderful things which are largely ignored by Drs and specialists. The more of these sensations you have, the more we have to go on when choosing a matching  homeopathic remedy to help you to move yourself out of this. Homeopathics are chosen for their similarity in what a substance CAUSES in a healthy person, to what you are experiencing now as you are unwell. This remedy (or more likely a series of remedies as the case evolves) is given for the purpose of prompting a healing change, by working along with your symptoms, not by suppression. So in a nutshell, to help you move on from where you are "stuck" in a symptom pattern. Sometimes this has gone on for months, years or decades. I am also using homeopathy which is specific to the unwanted effects of medications. See my website for more on this, under Human Chemistry Homeopathy and Natural balancing.


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Professional homeopath, member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, ATMS since 1995. Healthcare professional member of VeDA. Currently in post graduate training (3 years, with Ton Jansen ) in Human Chemistry Homeopathy and Natural Balancing.


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Percentage of Patients Treated for Vestibular Disorders

50% - 74%