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This two-day conference was designed for all providers* involved in the care of patients with vestibular disorders. It covered key topics on the evaluation and management of patients in this population. Our objectives were to provide current knowledge and best  practices when serving patients with vestibular disorders. Course content is geared towards all levels of proficiency and expertise.

Courses Included

  • Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Vestibular System
  • Crystal Clear BPPV
  • Downbeat Nystagmus Associated with Atypical PC BPPV: Differentiating Cupulolithasis, Short Arm Canalithiasis and Canal Jam
  • Pediatric Vestibular Loss The Need for Multi Disciplinary Assessment
  • Differentiating Vestibular Migraine from Other Vestibular Disorders
  • Newborn Vestibular Screening and the Consequences of Pediatric Vestibular Loss

*Providers include Otolaryngologists, Audiologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Neurologists, Internists, Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, VNG/ENG Technicians