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The Changing Landscape of Concussion

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Balance issues are more common in the first two weeks following a concussion than cognitive impairments (Karr, Areshenkoff, & Garcia-Barrera, 2014). Thus, physical therapists are a vital member of the rehabilitation team treating concussion for both assessment and recovery. Also of interest is that abnormal heel-to-toe (tandem) and feet together with eyes closed (Romberg) testing at 2-3 weeks correlates with poor neuropsychological testing related to poor effort and/or invalid test results.

Falls Research Corner

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Dizziness symptoms can be difficult for patients to describe to family, friends, or healthcare providers. Similarly, it can be difficult to identify and discuss factors leading patients to unsteadiness and falls. Inconsistent language used to describe a fall is a barrier to developing and practicing falls prevention techniques.


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