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Running for vestibular disorders!

Posted by Kerrie Denner

VeDA member, Andrew Galloway, recently completed a 10K run to raise awareness for vestibular disorders. Thanks, Andrew, and congratulations on your accomplishment! If you'd like to help raise awareness (and funds) for VeDA, stay tuned - Balance Awareness Week is coming up in September!

P.S. Here's a letter Andrew sent to his friends and family announcing this event.

Dear Friend,

I'm running the Manchester 10k next Sunday (20th May) and I'd like to ask you NOT to Sponsor me.

What Makes Me Dizzy - by Stephan Demers, age 12

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

My name is Stephan Demers. I am 12, and in 7th grade. I live in Michigan with my family. Recently, I have been dizzy. Unnaturally dizzy. My dizziness is like a swirling toilet starting fast inside my head whenever movement happens. It dims down to nothing after 5-10 seconds. This has been going on for about a month and a half now. It started out as something our family thought as a “bug” of some sort. Viruses or bacteria like that were going around when it started. So, I just stayed home for 4 days. We didn’t think much of it.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Established in 1927, May has since been known as “Better Hearing and Speech Month” – a time to raise national public awareness, knowledge and understanding of speech, language and hearing disorders. To complement ATA’s year-round advocacy efforts, each year we set aside a week in May to focus specifically on increasing public awareness about tinnitus and most importantly the need for increased funding for tinnitus research.  Read more...

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