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Dr. John Shea Donates Professional Papers to Memphis Library

Posted by Kerrie Denner

by Stephanie Nerissa White

Throughout the course of his life, Dr. John Shea Jr. has made major historical breakthroughs and advancements in medicine. Recently, Shea donated 406 papers, including more than 300 published articles, to the Memphis Public Library’s Memphis Room that reflect the breadth of his work and perfection of his craft along the way. The library is thrilled to have his entire professional work — papers he has written that document and demonstrate the legacy of a man whose work has revolutionized modern medicine.

Ringing in ears? Many who heard the bomb blast may now have tinnitus

Posted by Kerrie Denner

by Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff

Hundreds of people were in close proximity to the deafening bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday, and many have been treated at local hospitals for serious ear injuries. But hearing specialists say an untold number of other people could be suffering from hearing loss or ringing in their ears, called tinnitus, though they did not seek out medical help immediately.

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