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Detection of Autoimmune Reactions and Diagnostic Biomarker Candidates in Meniere's

Posted by Kerrie Denner


Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder that can manifest as fluctuating vertigo, sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, and aural fullness. However, the pathologic mechanism of Meniere's disease is still unclear. In this study, we evaluated autoimmunity as a potential cause of Meniere's disease.

Pediatric Concussion and Other Traumatic Brain Injuries

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a significant problem in the US pediatric population. Although some TBIs are mild, others can be more serious, even severe. Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms of TBI? How can you most efficiently determine the type and severity of injury and initiate appropriate treatment?

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Concussion increases risk for vision problems

Posted by Kerrie Denner

SAN DIEGO — Nearly 70% of children diagnosed with concussion had at least one vision problem, according to data presented here.

Christina L. Master, MD, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, and colleagues assessed visual symptoms, visual acuity, eye alignment, near point of convergence, vergence amplitude/facility, accommodative amplitude/facility and saccadic eye movement speed and accuracy among 100 children diagnosed with concussion. Study participants had a mean age of 14.5 years.

Practice and Rehab

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Blog post by VeDA Ambassador Tamar Schwartz, October 13, 2014

When I was playing my flute recently, I found myself comparing "practice" with rehab."  Here's a couple dictionary definitions:

Practice: repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of  acquiring skill or proficiency

Rehabilitation:  to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like.

Otonomy Enrolls First Meniere's Disease Patients in OTO-104 Multiple-Dose Safety Study

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Otonomy, Inc. (Nasdaq:OTIC), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for diseases and disorders of the inner and middle ear, today announced the enrollment of the first patients in a multiple-dose safety study of OTO-104 initiated in the United Kingdom (U.K.) in patients with Ménière's disease.


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