Julius Schnapp Leaves His Legacy

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Many thanks to Marjorie & Juluis Schnapp - their legacy will improve the lives of millions of vestibular patients today and in years to come.

VeDA would like to honor the memory of Marjorie Schnapp, a long-time member who recently passed away. Marjorie’s late husband, Julius, ensured her care through a charitable remainder trust, a portion of which was bequeathed to VeDA.

Rebuilding the Self - A Patient Perspective

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Meniere’s Disease attacks two areas of the self: the physical body with dizziness, ringing ears, fullness in the head and hearing loss and the sense of self that we construct inside ourselves; our thinking self, our spirit and our self-esteem. 

Doctors do the best they can with medication and surgery to help heal or stabilize the physical symptoms of Meniere’s, but often do little to help rebuild the inner-self.  I have learned that I can help myself and trust others to reach out and help me.

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