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Posted by Christina Conner

The mission of the Ambassador Board is to increase awareness about vestibular disorders through personal advocacy. VeDA Ambassadors accomplish this in several ways:

  • Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated VeDA members who are excited to share their story to help elevate awareness for vestibular disorders.
  • Ambassadors are passionate about VeDA’s mission and committed to keeping abreast of new, relevant issues that may impact the vestibular community.
  • Ambassadors have the ability to participate in fundraising activities and to seek the contributions of time, money, and/or in-kind support from individuals and corporate partners, large and/or small.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • VeDA Ambassadors agree to participate in a minimum of four suggested activities per year:
    • Create a personal campaign page for Balance Awareness Week [1].
    • Post about vestibular disorders on their own social media page (Facebook/Twitter) once a month.
    • Share VeDA’s Facebook or Twitter posts at least weekly.
    • Post about vestibular disorders on their own personal or business blog at least twice a year.
    • Create a Pinterest board(s) about vestibular disorders and post to it at least once a month.
    • Distribute VeDA promotional materials (brochures, infographics, posters, etc.) in your community—e.g. hospitals, clinics, senior centers, retirement communities, veterans centers, libraries, etc.
    • Use VeDA’s Power Point presentations when speaking to your local civic organization (e.g. Kiwanis, Rotary).
    • Start/lead a vestibular support group.
    • Add “VeDA Ambassador” to your email signature with a link to VeDA’s website (
    • Create a video and share it on YouTube and with VeDA.
    • Distribute the Balance Awareness Week press release to your local media.
    • Contact your local, state, and/or national legislators to inform them about the needs of the vestibular community.
  • Ambassadors will submit reports on completed projects monthly.
  • When representing VeDA, Ambassadors will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Ambassadors may present themselves as VeDA volunteers, and should avoid unintentional inference to any official or legal relationship with VeDA.
  • Ambassadors may share VeDA’s messages in their outreach. Ambassadors should clearly label outreach that contains original content and therefore does not represent VeDA, e.g.
    • My goal as a VeDA Ambassador is to raise awareness about vestibular disorders. My views are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of VeDA, its staff, board of directors, or medical and scientific advisors.
  • Ambassadors serve a one-year term and are eligible to re-apply on an annual basis.

VeDA Support:

  • Ambassadors will receive a PR Ambassador kit, including a copy of this signed agreement, VeDA brochures, material samples, BAW materials, and an Ambassador Legislative Advocacy Toolkit.
  • Ambassadors will have access to online informational resources, including a downloadable power point presentations, reference materials and suggested support group meeting topics and outlines.
  • VeDA will recognize Ambassadors on our website, in newsletters and through social media.
  • VeDA will promote events, activities and support groups by listing meeting times and locations on the VeDA website and Facebook page, as appropriate.
  • VeDA will share Ambassador blog posts, Tweets and Facebook posts on VeDA social media pages [2].
  • VeDA will have a dedicated staff member to support Ambassador activities.

When signed below, the Vestibular Disorders Association acknowledges its responsibilities as set forth in relation to the above VeDA Ambassador Agreement.

[1] Participation in Balance Awareness Week is a required activity.

[2] VeDA reserves the right to post information it believes is interesting and relevant to the vestibular community. There is no guarantee that all Ambassador content will be posted or shared.

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