Have your symptoms subsided after receiving treatment for your vestibular disorder?

Posted by Cynthia Ryan



I do gaze stabilization exercises once a day since my BPPV has been corrected with the Epley procedure.



I became sick in March 2008 and have tried doing balance and/or vestibular exercises periodically over the past 5 years.  While I am feeling better than I did 5 years ago, my brain is still having difficulty compensating for the loss of my vestibular system on my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome side.  The way I see it, if I have to do VRT everyday, numerous times a day, for the rest of my life, I'll deal with the dizziness.


Days go by, my life is still about the same.  I tried vestibular therapy again, as well as using a Dynavision 2 machine.  The latter did help my driving ability (I've heard that race car driver Kasey Kahne uses one).  When I started using it (at a physical therapy center), I didn't pass the minimum to be allowed to drive, but did improve week after week.  I am able to drive a little farther than I could before, but still have extreme difficulty at night.  I have extreme disequilibrium in dim/no light situations.  My home is lit in every room with night lights.  I have fallen twice while walking outdoors in my yard and there are days when all I can do is get out of bed to feed the cats and use the bathroom.  There may be an answer coming.  VEDA has reported on the "new" theory of Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness which may just be what I have.  I'll be seeing my Neurotologist this week to figure out if this is something we need to look into, including the use of meds.  Keeping fingers crossed.


After more than 30 vertigo episodes between August 18, 2013 and January 2015, I'm relieved to report that this year, 2015, has been a mostly symptom free year for me! I've taken no prescription medicines nor have I had any surgery. Since Autumn 2013 I've followed a strict No Alcohol, No Caffiene, Low Salt diet and I've practiced stress-relieving activities like daily exercise classes, yoga, and meditation. I avoid all over-the-counter cold remedies, since I was taking a lot of Sudafed when the original vertigo episode struck and I have always wondered about the possible connection. In February 2014, I quit my job after suffering a vertigo attack during my evening bus commute in downtown Seattle. Fortunately, this greatly relieved my job-related and commute-related stress. I think the exercise classes six days a week with all kinds of head tipping, swaying, turning around, etc., has helped restore my balance. Most importantly, the cognitive fog has lifted and I've been able to start a home business as a voiceover artist. I would urge anyone suffering from vertigo to immediately give up caffeine, alcohol, and their salty diet. This means eating in far fewer restaurants! Considering that these dietary changes are all healthy to begin with, there is no reason not to give it a try . . . but be patient. In my case it took a full 18 months before my inner ear returned to "normal" and the real benefits were seen. Consider making these dietary and lifestyle changes today!

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