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PORTLAND, OR– July 29, 2021 – Life Rebalanced Chronicles documents the stories of nine individuals who did not expect to be knocked down by a vestibular disorder. All of them looked fear, anxiety, and loneliness

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Vestibular Support Groups Survey

Are Support Groups Useful? VeDA Ambassador Erik Vanstrum has designed a support groups survey to gather information and help spread the word about how important finding a support system is for vestibular patients Six months


Group Exercise Classes and Personal Trainers for Dizziness

What to look for in a group exercise class or personal trainer if you have dizziness issues If exercise were a medicine, everyone would be prescribed it. This is even more true for people with


How to Deal with an Acute Vertigo Episode

Vertigo can be an extremely distressing symptom. The sudden onset of world-turning dizziness and the accompanying nausea, imbalance and loss of function can feel paralyzing and cause great concern. You’re not alone. In fact, nearly


Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Musicians, and Hope: A Case Study

Recently, VeDA Ambassador Glenn Schweitzer spoke about tinnitus on a podcast called Blurred Laws and Life, hosted by Richard Busch, a prominent lawyer in the music industry. What made this interview truly special is that Scott Schreer,


Mal de Débarquement Syndrome Diagnostic Criteria

The Barany Society and the Classification Committee of the Barany Society (CCBS) have created diagnostic criteria for Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) with the goal of creating common terminology for diagnosis and research. These criteria


Light Sensitivity Causes My Scariest Vestibular Migraine Symptoms

By Kayla McCain, VeDA Ambassador While dizziness was definitely the symptom that changed my life as I knew it, light sensitivity and migraine aura wasn’t far behind it. For me, light sensitivity is often the


Cervicogenic Dizziness – A Facebook Live Interview

Cervicogenic dizziness is a difficult and sometimes controversial diagnosis. There is no single test to confirm the cause of dizziness experienced by people also suffering from neck pain. In many instances dizziness decreases as the


8 Effective Home Remedies for Photophobia (Light Sensitivity)

If you have been diagnosed with photophobia1 or feel you may have it, the most important thing you can do is talk to your doctor about what you’re experiencing. They can help you determine what


Migraine Glasses: Can They Help Me Feel Less Pain?

If you get migraine headaches, there’s about a 90% chance that you also have photophobia, or extreme light sensitivity. In fact, photophobia and migraine have a close enough relationship that light sensitivity has become part


Covid-19 Vaccination Update

This Covid-19 (SARS-Co-V2) pandemic has had an unparalleled impact on the world, our health, our businesses, our mental health, our families, and our lives during 2020, and now in 2021. Fortunately, due to the unique government, business sector, military, research community, and pharmaceutical industry collaboration assembled through Operation Warp Speed, we now have two vaccines currently available (Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna), and two more vaccines likely available in the near future (Johnson & Johnson and Oxford/AstroZeneca). The availability of these vaccines was facilitated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.