If you have been diagnosed with a vestibular disorder, did you experience car/motion sickness as a child?

Posted by Cynthia Ryan



As a child, teen and an adult I have experienced motion sickness in planes, cars and boats. I also get motion sickness on swings as an adult even a porch swing. I think my body is anti-motion lol. 


My brother-in-law who always included me in family drives through the country side reminded me as an adult that he always knew it was time to pull over when little Judy Ann said "I feel warm."  I never had the same experience as an adult in planes, cars, or boats, and never on swings until the sudden, as yet unexplained, vestibular disroder took over my life.



ive had motion sickness since an infant in cars. I still have motion sickness 50 years later in cars, planes, trains and even standing in the ocean from the movement of the waves. 



I suffered motion sickness as a child, primarily as a passenger. As an adult, if I am driving, I do okay, but if I am a passenger, particularly in the back seat, not so good. I cannot read in cars, busses or on trains without getting sick. I have always had sea sickness. I am okay on airplanes unless they get bouncy, then not so good.

Elizabeth Riley

I suffered badly with car sickness as a child, but we didn't have a car so only noticed it when in relatives' cars. It was then very embarrassing so I avoided this as much as possible. I haven't been car sick as an adult, but I can't read in cars or buses as that makes me sick. Sunlight flickering through trees when driving or as a passenger continues to plague me to this day - I'm 71. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease 18 months ago, but I've probably had it for more than 10 years. My late mother was also diagnosed with MD around the same age and I suspect my grandmother and 2 aunts had it too, but weren't diagnosed. We do not have severe symptoms in our family.

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