Brittany Davidson, PT, DPT

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Physical Therapist
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Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance is a unique physical therapy clinic focused exclusively on the treatment of vestibular disorders and balance issues. Whether you are experiencing vertigo, dizziness, or balance problems, our highly-skilled physical therapists are dedicated to working with you to resolve these challenging, often debilitating, issues. Using an evidence-based exercise plan, we provide you with the tools to improve your vestibular function and balance— giving you with the confidence to go back to the regular activities of daily life. We offer vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) and balance therapy to address symptoms related to the following diagnoses: Acoustic neuroma / vestibular schwannoma / Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) / Bilateral vestibular deficit / Central vestibular dysfunction / Cervicogenic dizziness / Concussion and post-concussion syndrome / Labyrinthitis / Migraine-associated vertigo (MAV) / Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson’s Disease / Stroke (CVA) rehabilitation / Traumatic brain injury (TBI) / Vertebral artery dissection / Vestibular neuritis and more.

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