Susan Emmett, MD

Provider Specialties: 

Duke Otolaryngology offers a comprehensive assessment of vestibular (inner ear) function.  This includes comprehensive testing with VNG, Rotary Chair testing and VEMP testing, all performed by certified audiologists (AuD and PhD), and audiological assessment.  This evaluation is followed by medical evaluation by one of our board certified neurotology specialists.  Our doctors have extensive expertise in the evaluation and treatment of peripheral vestibular disorders.  We work closely with neurologists (especially migraine experts) and vestibular therapists (physical therapy specialists) to care for the dizzy patient.  Our evaluation is best performed with the support of your primary care physician who can work to determine if there are non-vestibular causes of dizziness and suppport any needed treatment.  If the cause of the dizziness is determined to be due to an inner ear problem, we offer a full range of medical and surgical treatments.

Clinic Locations: 

Duke Otolaryngology

Duke South, Clinic 1-F
Trent Drive
Durham, NC 27710
United States

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