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Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist through the Emory School of Medicine
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Physical Therapist
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Joon Nah is a highly experienced certified vestibular physiotherapist working in downtown Toronto and Burlington, who has been treating dizziness disorders since 2006. Joon is passionate about vestibular therapy (having a vestibular disorder himself) and his caseload consists only of patients who suffer from vestibular disorders. He specializes in assessing and treating complex dizziness cases.


Our clinics utilize infra-red goggle technology to view nystagmus during our assessment and treatment.  We offer a detailed and thorough assessment and provide reports about diagnoses back to our patients' physician or specialist.


Our Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Program has successfully treated thousands of patients with disorders such as BPPV, vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis, PPPD, post-concussion, vestibular migraine, cervicogenic dizziness, MdDS among many others.


We offer direct billing through auto insurance, and most extended health insurance plans.


Our well known Dizziness Clinics are conveniently located 1) downtown Toronto 2) mid-town Toronto at College Station 3) North York 4) Burlington.  3 of our locations are steps from Subway stations and all have parking on the premises.


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