Nathan Ziemba PT, DPT

Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation, 2018 from Emory University's Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course
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Physical Therapist
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Dominican Outpatient Vestibular Rehabilitation includes:

· An evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist with specific training in vestibular disorders.

· Intensive interview with the patient regarding the specifics of symptoms, chief complaint and functional limitations

· A neuromusculoskeletal examination

· An oculomotor exam

· A positional exam (ie. Dix-Hallpike Maneuver and the Motion Sensitivity Quotient)

· Balance and postural control evaluations using functional and outcome based measures

 Objectives of the Vestibular Program:

· Decrease or eliminate patient’s symptoms of vertigo/imbalance

· Improve balance/postural control

· Improve gaze stability

· Improve overall conditioning and endurance

· Improve safety during ADLs

· Educate patients and family regarding vestibular disorder and management

 Each patient participates in an individualized treatment program which may include:

· Education

· Home exercise program

· Habituation exercises

· Gaze stabilization exercises

· Balance/postural control exercises

· General conditioning program

· Functional activity training

· Compensation/Substitution strategies

· Manual Therapy

 Conditions that can benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation:


· Bilateral & Unilateral dysfunction

· Otolith Dysfunction

· Vestibular Labyrinthitis/Neuritis

· Acoustic neuroma

· Ototoxicity

· Meniere’s Syndrome

· Neurologic Disorders (stroke, brain  injury, multiple sclerosis)

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