Thomas Patullo AP, OTR

Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course (March 14th, 1998) Florida International University Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Univeristy of Miami Division of Physical Therapy: Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course (March 14th, 1998) Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Provider Specialties: 
Occupational Therapist

Thomas Patullo, AP, OTR is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation Thearpy (VRT). He attained his AA degree from University of Florida and graduated from Florida International University with a degree as an Occupational Therapist. He began his career at University of Miami teaching hospital with specialty experience in neurology, orthopedics, hand therapy and spinal cord injuries. Thomas Patullo AP, OTR has specialized in the treatment of balance and vestibular disorders since 1989.  Additionally, he went on to expand his education and skills to achieve a degree as an Acupuncturist and has combined this knowledge to maximize patient outcomes in the area of Vestibular Rehabiltation Therapy (VRT).

Thomas Patullo, AP, OTR opened Florida Balance Centers (FBC) in 1992 which holds the unique distiniction of being the first Reabilitation Center in Florida specializing in balance (vestibular) rehabilitation for chronic dizziness, vertigo and disequilibrium (VRT). FBC provides a comprehensive source of outpatient rehabilitation services for patients, physicians and employers. FBC offers advanced clinical rehabilitation assessment for all types of balance disorders. Our expertise is in the effective treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and generalized balance dysfunction. FBC also offers Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (AIM) treatments to facilitate more comprehensive and effective recovery for complex or challenging conditions.

Acupuncture, is one of the most widely used alternative therapy today, and helps to restore balance to your body through specific acupoints treatments. Acupuncture is a safe and effective tool in improving one's health. The benefits often result in reduction of medication use and the need for complex medical procedures.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (AIM) uses natural therapies to get to the root cause of the problem, utilizing a wide variety of healthy healing techniques and high quality herbal formulas. Our experienced specialist; Thomas Patullo, will work with your current health care providers to provide an integrated, team approach to healthy healing. 

Thomas Patullo, AP, OTR in addition to being a specialist in VRT has combined his educational resources and skills to provide relief to a wide variety of balance and vestibular disorders. With this knowledge, he offers speciality experience with conditions such as complex BPPV, cervicogenic dizziness, migraine associated vertigo (MAV), head injury, concussion syndrome, CNS disorders, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, to name a few.

Thomas Patullo, AP, OTR has over 27 years of experience in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). He was one of the first therapists to achieve Certificate of Competency in VRT offered by the University of Miami and has produced effective outcomes for thousands of patients. 


Clinic Locations: 

Florida Balance Centers

3872 Sheridan St.
Hollywood, FL 33021
United States
Phone: (954) 987-7077
Fax: (954) 987-7044

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