Patient Spotlight

I awoke one morning and had trouble walking. My head felt weird. Whoa! What is this? My primary doctor said “vertigo.” Read more
Ménière’s disease
In February, 1994 I embarked on a journey many of you are all too familiar with – fluctuating hearing loss, fullness in the ear, “brain fog,” tinnitus, and random episodes of debilitating vertigo. Read more
Acoustic Neuroma/Vestibular Schwannoma
By accident it was found that I had an Acoustic Neuroma (AN), a benign tumor that grows on the hearing nerve and involves the facial nerve. Read more
Perilymph Fistula
I had a dream job - flying, photography, great boss, fun work environment. Then my world started spinning and my dreams all came crashing down. Read more
After months of comprehensive testing and evaluation I was assured by my medical team that I did not have a brain tumor, a stroke or MS. What's my diagnosis? Vestibulopathy? Read more
Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease
It took 7 years to get diagnosed with autoimmune inner ear disease, which affects my vision, hearing and balance. Read more
Migraine Associated Vertigo
Writing is really something that has always been a part of my life. Typing is challenging for me, though, not because I need ideas or inspiration, but because I have a vestibular disorder. Read more
Vestibular Neuritis
I am a cancer survivor and a vestibular survivor. Read more
Ménière’s disease
I was first diagnosed with Meniere’s disease was in 1991. Through a low-salt diet and vestibular rehabilitation therapy I have been able to live life again! Read more
Mal de Débarquement
I took an Alaskan cruise; my souvenir was Mal de Debarquement. Minutes after my ship docked I sensed that it was still moving. Within a week I was dizzy, confused, my head ached, and I couldn't walk. Read more


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