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Sudden feeling of disorientation/trouble hearing

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Hello all! My name is Jen and I'm 33 years old. I've experienced this on and off for the last several years, with the last time being bad enough that I went to a specialist to have it checked out.

When I last went to the doctor for this, it was a few years ago, and I assumed I had a blockage causing my hearing loss/double pitches in my ear. Well, after a ton of testing, that doctor told me it was probably Meniere's disease, and that my hearing would likely not return to normal without surgery. However, as a musician, I told him I absolutely do not want to risk losing my hearing, so he gave me a steroid prescription, which I took, and it made the problem disappear.


Now, fast forward to yesterday. I had been doing a lot of heavy lifting/furniture rearranging the night before, and woke up with a weird sort of pressure in my ears. I thought, maybe I was just dehydrated or something, or maybe it would go away, but by night it was worse. I used some herbal earache relief drops, and after letting the drops out I went to bed early.


This morning, I woke up and the symptoms are ten times worse: a feeling of fullness in my ears (especially my right ear), which worsens when I hear sounds, particularly bass tones & my own voice. The bass tones are also heard in two pitches, rather than one. My ears are incredibly sensitive to this right now, and I'm not sure what's causing it or how to fix it. I don't have any health insurance, and with the pandemic happening I'm afraid to visit a clinic (I live with my elderly mother)


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!