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Hello, we are the Vestibular Disorder Association or VeDA. For over 35 years, we’ve been a lifeline of support to anyone affected by vestibular (inner-ear and brain balance) disorders. Since 2012 our website has been accessed over 18 million times. We understand what you’re going through and will do whatever we can to help you on your road to recovery.

Lynn Johnson

VeDA Ambassador

Lynn Johnson lost her balance and livelihood to an autoimmune disorder. She sought out support, but couldn’t find any local support groups, and even if she did she was unable to drive herself to get there. Lynn describes the solace she has found through VeDA’s online support groups.

Stephen Haslam

Being a carer

“I care for my mother because I care about her,” says Stephen. VeDA supports both vestibular patients and their loved ones on their journey as they learn how to adapt their lives to these invisible and unpredictable conditions.

Kayla McCain

Vestibular Vampire

Kayla’s symptoms included sensitivity to bright lights and sounds, as well as constant spinning, wobbly legs, unstable movements, aches, pains, numbness, and tingling. VeDA helped her understand her crazy symptoms and discover a community of support.

Patient Stories

Vestibular disorders are invisible. You look fine on the outside, but inside you’re struggling with a myriad of debilitating symptoms. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone, and no one understands what you’re going through.

Reading about others who have been in your shoes can validate your experience and give you tips on what to expect and how to deal with it.