Patients and Healthcare Professionals Talk About Vestibular Disorders

Listening to other people tell their story about coping with a vestibular disorder is so impactful. The following videos include patients talking about how they got diagnosed, the challenges they have faced living with a vestibular disorder, and tips to help other patients better cope with their own illness.

About Vestibular disorders

Tai Chi for balance webinar

back to balance - the Bryce Salvador story

Youth Concussion - The Vestibular Connection

Balance awareness week 2016 - Cindy's story

Webinar: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Balance Awareness Week 2015

Anne's Story

You are not alone!

Balance Awareness Week 2014

Vestibular Disorders & Balance Awareness

Iris - The Dizzy Dancer

Sue Hickey Talks to Nursing Students

Cindy Price Talks to Nursing Students

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