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As a healthcare professional specializing in vestibular disorders, you want to provide the best quality care to your patients. VeDA partners with healthcare providers to promote awareness for vestibular disorders, increase access to information about diagnosis and treatment,  and help patients find specialists in their area.

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Join a community of vestibular professionals to help elevate awareness for vestibular disorders and improve treatment outcomes. Get access to a referral network and high-quality patient education materials. Grow your practice and better serve your clients!

Co-Brandable Patient Materials

VeDA's peer-reviewed articles are a great resource to educate your patients on vestibular diagnosis, treatment, and coping strategies. Professional members receive access to "co-brandable" versions that allow you to add your clinic's contact information and print them in-house.

Conferences & Trainings

Discover upcoming conferences and training events where you can hone your skills, receive continuing education credits, and network with other vestibular healthcare professionals.

Insurance Coding

Medical billing can be complicated, especially for vestibular diagnostics and treatment, where many procedures do not easily fit into a specific insurance code. Many professional associations provide guidance that can streamline your billing process.

Certifying Boards & Organizations

Vestibular disorders are diagnosed and treated by multiple medical specialties, each with their own professional associations.

Post & Find Vestibular Jobs is a job marketplace specifically designed to connect employers and providers specializing in balance and vestibular disorders.

Professional Members FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Healthcare Provider Directory and professional memberships.