“One Who Listens”

People with vestibular disorders often wish for someone who will listen to them: listen with empathy – not judgement, listen with a deep knowledge – not dismissing their concerns, and listen with understanding for the emotional impact vestibular disorders have brought to their lives. The OWL Award recognizes two individuals and one organization (clinic, foundation, non-profit, hospital, etc.) for their contribution to the healing power of listening. You are invited to submit your nomination for an individual and/or organization that helped you in a significant way on your journey to living with a vestibular disorder.

Please submit the name of the individual or organization, contact information, and a one paragraph description of their impact in your healing and understanding of the medical basis for your disorder, or their contribution to your resilience in the face of difficulties. The nomination must be submitted to VeDA by August 30, 2020. The winners of the OWL Awards will be selected by VeDA and announced during the 2020 Virtual Vestibular Conference, September 14-18, 2020.

Nominations for this award have now closed.