Annual Report

VeDA 2018 Annual Report

2018 Milestones

legislative advocacy

Letter sent to Medicare advocating for improved coverage of vestibular tests and treatments.


Awarded six grants to students presenting vestibular research at professional conferences.

patient education

Introduced two new webinars:

  • Yoga for Balance
  • Spirituality and Gratefulness in Recovery


Launched a “Did You Know?” awareness campaign to educate people about vestibular disorders.

Key Metrics

  • 852 Patients received one-on-one support
  • 2,267,051 People visting our website
  • 3,648,716 People we reached through our Facebook posts
  • 34,496 People follow us on social media
  • 138 Volunteers make a difference!
  • 46 Support groups provide validation to patients

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