Charleston Conference Educates Vestibular Healthcare Professionals

Continuing education for vestibular healthcare professionals is essential to build the competency of people trained to assess and treat vestibular conditions. While there are many short courses available to learn the vestibular system basics, in depth courses like the Charleston Vestibular Conference are invaluable for bringing the next generation of vestibular specialists up-to-date and increasing the quality of care for people with dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance.

The Charleston Conference first started in 2015 and takes place at the Medical University of South Carolina, which is run by neurotologist, Dr. Habib Rizk. Lectures and labs are presented by a multidisciplinary team of ENTs, neurologists, audiologists, and physical therapists.

Dr. Rizk: “This is an educational course intended to reach out to all vestibular clinician disciplines to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and learn from each other. It is designed for various levels of proficiency because we want to introduce people who are new to all things vestibular but also increase the competency of those who have already integrated vestibular care into their practice. The engagement we get at these courses has been positive, and it is exciting to see how much interest there is to learn about this topic and how little is known.”

Danielle Tolman, DPT unpacks what she learned at the conference with Abbie Ross, DPT, NCS, on their Talk Dizzy to Me podcast.