David's Story of Finding Community Through Advocacy

Meet David, Vestibular Patient and VeDA Ambassador

Vestibular patients like David Morrill may look normal on the outside, but inside they are struggling to maintain their balance, and their sanity.

In August 2013, David experienced a sudden onset of vertigo. Doctors later discovered that he had suffered a stroke, which left him with chronic dizziness and imbalance. David was angry and depressed. In addition to losing his balance, David lost his job, his purpose, and his sense of self.

“When I first started having my vestibular disorder, I didn’t talk about my problems,” says David. “I didn’t want to be a burden on people.”

The fact that most people do not understand or have never heard of vestibular disorders makes it challenging for vestibular patients to share their conditions and get the support they need in their recovery.

Have you ever felt like your friends, family, even your healthcare providers couldn’t understand what you are going through?

David receiving a check from his local EMT community who helped raise money to cover his medical expenses after he was unable to work.

David discovered VeDA and a community where he felt both listened to and understood. He was so moved by his experience that he spearheaded the VeDA Ambassador program, which ​​engages patients and healthcare professionals in raising awareness about vestibular disorders within their social networks.

“I found that helping other people through volunteering helped me move forward and heal,” says David.

Even though he receives no compensation for his advocacy efforts, David says being an Ambassador is the best thing he’s done in his life.

“If I can help just one person understand their vestibular disorder, my mission is accomplished,” says Morrill.

Balance Awareness Week

David’s message to others: “If you can give back a little more than you’ve taken, then that’s a win.”

With Balance Awareness Week coming up, September 18-24, 2022, you can stand with David to shine a light on the vestibular patient experience, help people understand vestibular disorders, and support people on their journey back to balance.

This Balance Awareness Week, will you join David on his mission to make vestibular conditions visible? Your gift today reaches people through:

  • VeDA’s annual public service radio campaign;
  • Grassroots outreach programs like our volunteer Ambassadors;
  • Patient education articles on our website viewed by over 300,000 people a month;
  • And more!

Today, David has transformed his anger and depression into energy to help others.

David and his wife, Cheryl, who has been by his side, offering support throughout his vestibular journey.

“It helps me stay positive and gives me a sense of purpose, keeping my mind away from the dark places,” he says.

Your gifts make a difference. Please support Ambassadors like David so no one has to struggle with vestibular dysfunction alone.

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Learn more about how David and others are spreading the word about vestibular disorders during Balance Awareness Week at vestibular.org/BAW.