New Docuseries Life Rebalanced Chronicles Shares Stories of Invisible Chronic Illness

PORTLAND, OR– July 29, 2021 – Life Rebalanced Chronicles documents the stories of nine individuals who did not expect to be knocked down by a vestibular disorder. All of them looked fear, anxiety, and loneliness in the face and said, “You will not define me.” Their message of hope is for everyone who struggles with invisible chronic illness or are navigating life’s challenges. The six-episode docuseries airs weekly starting August 10, in conjunction with Balance Awareness Week (Sept. 19-25, 2021). The series is a collaboration between the Vestibular Disorder Association (VeDA) and Kimberly Warner, filmmaker and founder of Unfixed Media. In 2015, Kimberly was diagnosed with cervicogenic vertigo and Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) that manifests as a constant rocking motion.

The docuseries features nine vestibular patients who are learning to live with vestibular disorders. They explore parts of the human experience impacted by their diagnosis – mind, body, spirit, relationships, self and life. They also share toolkits for living and thriving with their disorders and provide strategies from mediation and yoga to advocacy and finding meaning and purpose within their “new normal.”

“This inspiring series examines invisible balance disorders and brings more awareness and empathy to the experience,” says Cynthia Ryan, Executive Director of VeDA. “We’re honored to work with filmmaker Kimberly Warner, who brings lived experience as she compassionately helps each individual share their story.”

“When I developed a vestibular disorder, my sense of self dissipated as my career, dreams, friendships and confidence crumbled,” says Warner. “Returning to filmmaking and documenting those with chronic conditions has helped me rediscover purpose. Not only have I discovered our shared experiences, but I see how important these messages are for everyone navigating a challenge in their life, not just those with chronic illness.”

Life Rebalanced Chronicles premieres on The Disorder Channel (available through Amazon Fire and Roku) starting August 10th with new episodes airing weekly. After a one week debut window, episodes will be released weekly through VeDA and Unfixed channels.

About VeDA

For almost 30 years, VeDA has been a respected source of scientifically credible information on vestibular disorders. Through publications and an online community, VeDA has reached millions of vestibular patients to provide education and emotional support. They connect patients with medical specialists who specialize in diagnosing and treating vestibular disorders

About Unfixed Media

Unfixed Media Productions was created by award-winning producer and filmmaker Kimberly Warner and focuses on how humans live with chronic, incurable conditions. The world needs more models for living a meaningful, unfixed life liberated from fixed notions of how we must feel in order to live fully. Unfixed Media demonstrates that living well is not about eradicating wounds and weaknesses but understanding how they complete our identities and equip us to help others. Programming includes Life Rebalanced Chronicles docuseries, the MS Confidential webcast series, the Unfixed Podcast, and Unfixed monthly docuseries (and future feature film) available on The Disorder Channel and the Unfixed Community YouTube Channel.