Diagnostic Error Survey

Share your experience with diagnostic errors for dizziness, vertigo and/or other balance-related symptoms, especially in the emergency room (ER) setting.

  • Let us know in the comment box if you are answering for someone else, such as a close family member or friend, who experienced these symptoms.
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  • In other words, did you eventually discover that the true disease causing your dizziness/vertigo/balance problems wasn’t accurately identified and promptly treated at the ER visit, as determined later by another healthcare provider or additional diagnostic tests?
  • For this answer, think about the following: (i) Did your symptoms last longer or become more severe than they should have been if you had been diagnosed correctly and promptly treated?; (ii) Was there was any long-term physical disability that could have been prevented?; (iii) Was there any lingering psychological harm, including loss of confidence in your doctors or the healthcare system?; (iv) Did you or your family have any increased healthcare costs as a result of the misdiagnosis, such as additional out-of-pocket costs (including lost work wages) for unnecessary visits, tests, or treatments that resulted from the original misdiagnosis? (v) Did you spend time pursuing treatments that did not help the dizziness symptoms (e.g., dietary changes, meditation, psychotherapy) because the initial ER diagnosis was wrong?
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  • Please feel free to share any stories / experiences in which your dizziness, vertigo, or vestibular disorder was misdiagnosed in the emergency room.
  • If you would like to engage in or promote diagnostic research related to vestibular symptoms or diseases, please share your name/contact information here.
  • Please provide any additional comments about the survey or the topic.