#216 Vestibular, Oculomotor and Balance Rehabilitation: Unlocking the Mysteries of Dizziness and Disequilibrium



In this web conference, you will learn effective evaluation and treatment strategies for patients with vestibular disorders. The course begins with a detailed discussion of vestibular anatomy, physiology, and postural control mechanisms. Participants will understand the pathophysiology leading to dysfunction and the science of balance and dizziness. Learn how vestibular disorders are frequently missed and how to identify impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities.

Video footage of vestibular and oculomotor impairments will highlight the lecture. The course will assist the clinician in differential diagnosis strategies. Learners will understand how to identify falls risk factors. The instructor will integrate the application of research-based outcome measures or tests, specific canalith repositioning maneuvers, vestibular rehabilitation exercises for adaption, compensation, or habituation, and targeted balance training to address deficits.

Clinicians will leave the course armed with tools for evidenced based assessment and treatment for dizziness, vertigo, and balance dysfunction which often accompanies vestibular dysfunction.


Mar 7 - 10, 2024


Web Conference


Instructor: Wendy Wood PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA
Phone: 1-800-791-0262