Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy


The 2022 Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Annual Conference will carry forward the 2021 focus on evidence-based practices and implementation however, this year the emphasis will be on patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives. The Keynote will be delivered by James Sulzer, PhD, in person and Lindsay S. Karfeld-Sulzer, PhD, virtually. Learn more about their caregiver/professional experiences.

An active ingredient for neurologic physical therapy is the relationship between the patient and the provider. While clinicians are implementing evidence into clinical practice, it is important to communicate with empathy and allow the patients and families to share in the decision-making about the care that is provided.

The conference will include large group and small group discussions on topics related to communication with patients and families, including delivering measurement results (“life altering information”) and shared decision-making. There will also be usual high-quality presentations on evidence-based content, with an emphasis on implementation into clinical practice.

The conference will also feature a poster hall and exhibit hall.


Oct 13 - 15, 2022


United States