Cervicogenic Dizziness


Cervicogenic dizziness (CGD) is a clinical syndrome characterized by the presence of dizziness and associated neck pain. Although there have been advancements regarding clinical tests, CGD is still a diagnosis of exclusion.

It can be difficult for healthcare professionals to differentiate CGD from other vestibular, medical, and vascular disorders that cause dizziness, requiring a high level of skill and a thorough understanding of the proper tests and measures to accurately rule in or rule out competing diagnoses. CGD represents a considerable diagnostic challenge since dizziness and neck pain are common symptoms with complex and multifactorial aetiologies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • In this seminar, you are going to learn about the basic concepts and aetiopathological mechanisms of CGD.
  • We are going to cover other conditions causing dizziness for differential diagnoses.
  • Additionally, you will acquire the skills to perform a specialized examination and appropriate treatment for this condition.


Apr 20, 2024




Instructor: Dr Rudi Gerhardt
Phone: 0414990644