Concussion Management: Applied Clinical Skills


Research suggests that individuals that suffer from prolonged concussion symptomatology (greater than one month) stand to benefit from active, and interdisciplinary concussion treatment strategies. Symptom trajectories in this patient population are complex, however with specific and objective assessment strategies, a variety of individualized rehabilitation approaches can be effective.

This live course event builds upon Shift’s Level 1 course and covers an array of topics ranging from PPCS pathophysiology; vestibular and ocular impairment, assessment and treatment; cervicogenic involvement and treatment interventions; post-traumatic headache; cognitive-fatigue and sleep considerations; and autonomic nervous system dysegulation and interventions.

This is a NEW version of the Level 2 course, an applied format that is best attended live. While still offering important concepts and trends in concussion research, assessment and rehabilitation, this course will also lean heavily on clinical decision making, case discussion and review, hands-on learning through breakout sessions and mock cases.

The course spans 2.5 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning)

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Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2023




Instructor: Scott Haller, OsteoMP, Kailin Walter, DC, Ryan Sleik, MSc.PT
Phone: 519-822-2226