Don’t Wait For Gait! Therapeutic Evaluation & Treatment of Pediatric Gait – LIVE WEBINAR – 3rd of 3 Sessions


This course clearly explains the significant components of evaluation and treatment of pediatric gait, in a clinically relevant manner. Flaws of a “wait and see” approach will be discussed, while supporting proactive & preventive intervention with proposed methods for deliberate, realistic & effective intervention for pediatric gait. The increased prevalence of developmental delay will be considered, with proposed etiologies, assessment of pre-gait skill performance, related orthopedic consequences and the future effects of this diagnosis on postural control and ambulation.   Neuroplasticity, and the opportunities it provides for therapists, is explained. Orthopedic development is presented as it concerns appropriate development of an adequate base of support and assessment of the pediatric lower quarter.  In summary, participants will leave with skills and treatment tools to immediately put into practice.


  • Explain the effects of delayed ambulation
  • Describe the benefits of proactive & preventive intervention for pediatric gait
  • Consider principles of neuroplasticity when considering intervention to increase mobility
  • Apply a segmental approach to assessment of the pediatric lower quarter
  • Utilize pediatric lower extremity & foot anatomy, & the principles of orthopedic development, as related to the development & performance of pediatric gait
  • Implement appropriate treatment strategies for children with gait abnormalities


Jan 26, 2021, 2:40 - 5:40 PM PST




Instructor: Liesa M. Ritchie-Persaud, PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP