Fear of falling and its effects on balance, gait and falls


Fear of falling is extremely common in individuals with balance problems. Although research suggests that fear of falling can be a risk factor for future falls, it can also be protective in certain individuals/situations. This talk will present recent work that has attempted to define and identify the ‘maladaptive’ components of fear, as well as the development of a new clinical tool to assess maladaptive fear of falling.

Presented by Toby Ellmers PhD

Dr Toby Ellmers is a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow, at Imperial College London. His research explores how psychological, cognitive and sensory function influence balance and fall risk. He is the Co-Lead of the ‘Concerns about falling’ working group within the World Falls Guidelines initiative


May 30, 2023, 7:15 - 8:45 PM BST


Instructor: Association of chartered physiotherapists interested in Vestibular rehabilitation (ACPIVR)