Hybrid Workshop – Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification


Self-paced Online Learning & One-Day LIVE Hands-On Course

The hybrid platform allows the clinician the flexibility to complete the online portion of the course at a self-pace without the demand of attending a pre-determined, scheduled workshop. This combined 19.5-hour course consists of 12.0 hours of self-paced online content, followed by a one-day, 7.5-hour live course.

After completion of the online component, participants have the option to attend the one-day hands-on clinical competency course. This will be conducted in 11 major US cities as the final component for certification. To ensure a complete, comprehensive learning experience, we encourage participants to attend the one-day, live, hands-on course AFTER completion of the online course.

Certification is earned once participants have completed BOTH the online and live portions and have passed BOTH the written exam for the online component, and the competency-based exam during the one-day live component.


Jan 22, 2021


Largo (Tampa Bay)
United States


Instructor: Kim Rutherford, PT, DSc, COMT
Phone: 727-398-5728
Website: https://www.dizzy.com/product/hybrid-vestibular-rehabilitation-certification-workshop/