Shift Concussion: Level 2 “Complex Case Management”


While the majority of concussions will resolve in a timely manner, some patients are faced with persistent and debilitating impairment that can be difficult to manage. Our Level 2 program provides clinicians with additional training and insight when it comes to navigating these persistent cases and engaging your interdisciplinary team in  order to provide more effective concussion rehabilitation intervention.

Research suggests that individuals that suffer from prolonged concussion symptomatology (greater than one month) stand to benefit from active, and interdisciplinary concussion treatment strategies. Symptom trajectories in this patient population are complex, however with specific and objective assessment strategies, a variety of individualized rehabilitation approaches can be effective.

The live Level 2 course event covers an array of advanced topics (similar to the e-learning version) ranging from PPCS pathophysiology; vestibular and ocular impairment, assessment and treatment; cervicogenic involvement and treatment interventions; post-traumatic headache; cognitive-fatigue and sleep considerations; autonomic nervous system dysregulation and interventions; interactive case discussion, practical breakaway sessions and more.

This information is applicable for those who work with athletes and sport-related concussion as well as those working with the general population and non-sport-related concussion.

*This program was designed to build upon the foundation of the Level 1 course concepts and it is recommended that healthcare providers complete Level 1 “Best Practices in Concussion Management” online or live prior to attending this course event.*

This in-person and interactive course spans three full days (Fri-Sun 9am-5pm)


Oct 21 - 23, 2022




Instructor: Ryan Sleik, MSc.PT; Scott Haller, OstMP; Kailin Walter, DC
Phone: 519-822-2226