Sports Concussions An Evidence Based Course Designed to Maximize Results


Why should a physical therapist, occupational therapist or athletic trainer take this sports concussion continuing education course?

There are between 1.7 and 3 million sports concussions per year. Many concussions still go undiagnosed or underdiagnosed, which costs the athlete valuable time, and the medical system unneeded costs. Learn the pathophysiology of sport-related concussion, evidence-based tools and strategies for diagnosis, and optimal treatment strategies.

Medical professionals trained in concussion management have a structured team approach to pre and post-management of concussions tend to have better outcomes, leading to an overall better quality of life for their clients/athletes

Rehab clinical tools instructed in this sports concussion rehab CE course to enhance your functional outcomes.
  • Techniques to reduce the possibility of the post-concussive symptomatology that creates additional sequelae and additional health care costs
  • An extensive explanation of the clinical signs and symptoms, biomarkers, clinical trajectories, subtypes, and common features associated with concussion
  • Oculomotor and vestibular system assessment tools
  • Recovery and multimodal approach
Specific instruction that will enhance your understanding and ability to deliver better patient care.
  • Skills to efficiently and effectively identify problems early, get the patients or the athletes the treatment they need, and then return them to play safely in a smaller, efficient window.
  • The reasoning behind concussion tests and expected results
  • Factors that may trigger or exacerbate headaches
  • The role of the rehab professional in the multidisciplinary team when developing comprehensive safe programs for the post-concussive client
Features unique to this sports concussion rehabilitation continuing education course
  • Case study presentations with assessment and guides to return safely to activity.
  • Demonstrations for Exercise and activity progression
  • Collaborative team strategies to sports concussion diagnosis and treatment
  • Techniques and parameters to return to play safely
Professional Accreditation

This is an advanced level course applicable for PT, PTA, OT, AT.Physical Therapy Accreditation: For specific state information use the accreditation verification menu and select your state of license. AOTA: provider #4487, Occupational therapy professional development activity: Occupational Therapy Service Delivery, evaluation and intervention, and Foundation Knowledge: human body, development, and behavior. Athletic Trainers: BOC provider #P2047, category A. This course has not been submitted for Evidence-Based BOC approval.


Feb 6, 2021, 8:00 CST - Feb 26, 2021, 11:30 AM CST


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